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Code of Operations

We use quality, name brand materials. We have ready access to a wide variety of brands of paint and can therefore ensure that we meet any specifications you make.

We pay special attention to keeping the job site clean. Whether we are working inside or out, we use drop sheets extensively. We do a daily clean-up that includes vacuuming, dusting and picking up debris. We also do a thorough clean-up on exterior grounds so that unsightly paint chips and dust do not remain on your lawn or shrubbery. We clean up even the tiniest of paint specks or drips, if any have occurred, before we call a job done.

We take special care to protect your furniture and household items. We are, of course, fully insured, but beyond that we do take special precautions to avoid any damage or wear on your furnishings.

We present free written estimates before any work is begun. You will have completely detailed and written specifications about the job to be done so that there will be no surprise additional costs. The original price, agreed upon, will remain firm.

We schedule your job as our priority. Once your job is started, we will carry it through to completion without late starts, short days or our having to go off to any other jobs.

We have more than thirty years of experience in the painting and decorating business. Our clients have confidence in us; 90% of our business comes from repeat customers and their referrals.

Our results are to full customer satisfaction.

Our references will be provided on request.
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